Louisville-based BuzzApp Software released ICreditCard in App Store

January 2011 Louisville, KY

BuzzApp Software announced the release of iCreditCard to the Apple App Store. This product allows merchants to run secure credit card or PayPal transactions on their iPhone or iTouch device. It is currently on sale in the App Store for $2.99. Gateway processing by Authorize.NET.

BuzzApp Software has over a decade of experience delivering high quality credit card and POS software solutions for mobile platforms. They strive for excellence by providing great customer support and continually updating their products with customer input and feedback.

Their users include all kinds of business owners including retailers, salon operators, organizers, massage therapists, artists, restaurants, independent hair-stylists, dealers, consultants, practitioners, and lawyers. It is used in many environments including outdoor markets, hostess parties, fundraisers, events, art fairs, book fairs, street fairs, salons, restaurants and offices.

Editorial Update:  Just got off the phone with the folks over at BuzzApp, and they are going to present at our February meetup! Awesome!


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