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Co-located in Canada and Louisville, KY, the developing team ParkVu brings you the Music WithMe Android application which is a Hi-Fidelity sync tool bringing your iTunes library to your Android phone. One of the gems about this service is that the sync process is done wirelessly so there is no need to hook your smartphone to your computer first. Music WithMe brings to your fingertips the music your Facebook and Twitter friends share through several sources like: Music WithMe, Soundtracking,, Rdio, and Pandora.With a newly redesigned user interface, it is easy to quickly immerse yourself in new and popular music from various artists.


  1. Download Music WithMe to your phone (Login using Facebook)
  2. Download helper app to your PC or MAC (Login using Facebook)
  3. Run the helper app to sync your library on PC to your phone
  4. Check phone to make sure helper app is connected

Primary Features:

Music to sync from iTunes

iTunes Sync – Something I fail to understand is why someone carries around a smartphone and a portable music player. I guess the main reason is the user loves Android and has an iTunes library with no practical solution for moving it to the Android platform. This is where Music WithMe comes in to save you from portable gadget overload.

When you connect your library with your phone you are not sending all the content to your Android. You are simply letting the phone see what is in your library, then you select which artists, albums, and playlists are to be added to your phone. For those of you on limited data plans make sure you check your Network Settings and set it to Only on WiFi.

Share Music – A feature I really appreciate from Music WithMe is while using the Google Music player (or just about any Android music player out there) to listen to my tunes a notification pops up in the tray to share the song I am currently listening to. Clicking on the notification takes you to a preview window and gives you several ways to share the song with your social networks. If these notifications do not pop up in your tray after you have enabled the feature and are jamming with your favorite music player be sure to let ParkVu know which player you are using so they can do their best to link the two applications.

Discover Music – From the dashboard a user can discover music shared by other Music WithMe users as well as tunes shared by your Facebook and Twitter friends. Before you can discover music from your social networks you must ensure they have been linked from the settings page. If you find something you really like you can buy it from Amazon through the Music WithMe app. Music purchased from Amazon, on your handset, after Music WithMe has been installed, can be sync’d back to your iTunes library on your PC or Mac. How cool and convenient is that?

On the horizon:

The team at ParkVu is dedicated to bringing the user an enjoyable experience and over the past couple weeks has launched the new user dashboard pictured above and a few other patches and tweaks. If you should run into a problem do not hesitate to contact them. ParkVu wants your feedback so much they have included a way to generate a tech report from the settings page of the application.

Features to look forward to:

  • One feature ParkVu mentioned is on the horizon is being able to “Tune In” to people’s music shares. When you find someone that shares music you like, you can Tune In to their shares without having to follow them on twitter. This sounds like a great opportunity to get more social from within Music WithMe!
  • Something else I am looking forward to is an Internet portal allowing users to see their activity from a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Also in the works are more ways to login to Music WithMe besides Facebook.
  • While reviewing Music WithMe, I made a recommendation to help organize the view of sync’d music and your listening activity and have heard we will see those in an upcoming release. Go me!



Music WithMe is a great tool to sync music from the iTunes library on your Mac or PC with your Android smartphone. Though this feature alone is enough to satisfy plenty of  iTunes users; Music WithMe comes in handy for those of us without an iTunes library by allowing us to share and discover lots of music out there from tons of sources.

Visit Music WithMe to download the Android and helper apps to get sync’d!

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