RootMetrics RootScore Report for Louisville – Verizon is overall winner

Verizon came out on top in this report released today for the Louisville area.  Not surprised at all!  Also not the least bit surprised Sprint came in dead last…!

RootMetrics™ RootScore™ Report:  Louisville – November 2011

Which carrier led in Louisville? See what our independent testing revealed

RootMetrics is transforming the evaluation of mobile products and services: we design our independent, accurate tests from the consumer’s, rather than the carrier’s, point of view. Read on to discover what our real-world tests, using off-the-shelf phones in everyday conditions, revealed about carrier performance in Louisville.

To better understand the differences in network service between the carriers, RootMetrics conducted over 25,000 call, data, and text tests throughout the Louisville metro area. The resulting data revealed which national carrier provided:

  • The fastest and most reliable data network
  • The fewest dropped and blocked calls
  • The fastest text service

Data Performance

RootScore Award Winner: Verizon

The RootMetrics data performance tests analyzed 1) how fast each carrier’s network was able to download or upload files, and 2) how often a consumer could successfully access a carrier’s data network.

Network Speed

  • Verizon recorded the fastest average and maximum speeds for both downloading and uploading data.
  • Without WiMAX available in Louisville, Sprint’s data speeds were significantly slower than those recorded by the other carriers.
  • Sprint’s average download speed was the slowest that we have measured to date.
  • High and Low
    • Verizon recorded average download speeds above 5 Mbps in 78.3% of our tests.
    • Sprint recorded average download speeds below 1.5 Mbps in at a markedly high 97.2% of our tests.

Data Success and Network Accessibility

  • AT&T recorded the fewest data failures, measuring a failure in 2.0% of our tests.
  • Sprint was the least reliable carrier for transferring data, recording a failure in 10.0% of our tests.

Call Performance

RootScore Award Winner: A statistical tie between all the carriers. No winner awarded.

RootMetrics analyzed call performance by measuring both dropped calls and blocked calls (the inability to place an outgoing call).

    • Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint delivered statistically equal performances in the Louisville market and we therefore were not able to declare a RootScore winner in the call category.

Interesting Facts

  • As in other markets, blocked call and dropped call rates were low for all the carriers.
    • T-Mobile recorded the lowest blocked call rate, narrowly beating AT&T.
    • Verizon recorded the lowest dropped call rate.

Text Performance

RootScore Award Winner: T-Mobile

 We conducted a series of tests to determine how long it took to send or receive a text message (SMS) from each carrier.

    • T-Mobile once again placed 1st in the texting category. They have finished 1st in all but one market in our series to date.

Texting Tidbits

  • T-Mobile’s median text delivery time was more than three times as fast as that recorded by Sprint, the last place carrier.
  • T-Mobile recorded the highest percentage of texts delivered within 10 seconds and the lowest percentage of texts delivered in more than one minute.
  • AT&T finished 2nd in the texting category, only 1.9 seconds behind T-Mobile’s median text delivery time.
  • Sprint finished last in the texting category for the Louisville market.

Combined Performance

RootScore Award Winner: Verizon

With strong showings in both the data and call categories, Verizon earned the top spot in the combined standings. The final results are as follows:

  1. Verizon
  2. AT&T
  3. T-Mobile
  4. Sprint
Source: RootMetrics

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