This labor of love began way back in 2001, when Pocket PC’s were all the rage.  We began as Pocket PC Louisville, and in 2007, morphed into Windows Mobile Louisville to align with Microsoft’s change in the name of the operating system.  For years, the site(s) have provided news & reviews about all things Windows Mobile, and, since 2001, we’ve held monthly meetings to share, discuss and learn more about these devices.

Today, we have numerous choices for smartphones, particularly thanks to the introduction of the iPhone, which has raised the bar and brought smartphones to the masses.   In our effort to become “device agnostic”, we moved to the next chapter in our love of mobile devices – My Mobile Ville.

We do reviews on whatever we can get our hands on, as well as articles (and videos) of “this is how I use ____” in my daily life.  If there’s one thing I’ve seen in the recent growth of mobile device users, it’s that the majority of people are vastly under-utilizing their devices!

That is why this site (and our monthly meetings) exist.  We want to help everyone make the most of their mobile devices!