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Notes from August 28, 2012 MyMobileVille meetup

Published on August 30, 2012 By Matt Coddington


Notes from 07-24-12 MyMobileVille Meetup

Published on August 6, 2012 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Click here for the MyMobileVille meetup notes, from our July 24, 2012 Meetup.  They are housed in Google Drive. Join us next month via Google+ Hangout if you want to participate! Or, if you want to just spectate, you can watch the Hangout On Air, live on Google+!  Or, you can watch the live […]

Notes from 03-27-12 MyMobileVille meetup

Published on March 29, 2012 By Matt Coddington

Tweet   Click here for the MyMobileVille meetup notes, from our March 27, 2012 Meetup, housed in Google Docs. And if you missed the monthly meetup, remember, you can join us via Google+ Hangout!  Add MyMobileVille to your circles!   Tweet  

PYLK3 Radar App Review

Published on October 20, 2011 By Samantha Ruffolo

Tweet At the last MyMobileVille meetup, I was the proud winner of the PYKL3 Radar app drawing.  Being a South Florida resident, I had visions of all the ways this app would be useful to me, both professionally and personally. Yes, I’m the geek that gets excited when there is a storm brewing in the […]

REVIEW of Out Of Milk by HTCfanatic

Published on July 15, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Andy over at HTCfanatic wrote up a great review about Out Of Milk – an app we covered in last month’s meetup.  Check out his review over at his site! Hint hint, there is a giveaway taking place as well! See details at the end of the review! Tweet  

SPB Wallet for Android released

Published on May 18, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet SPB Software is gaining momentum with their app lineup for the Android platform – they’ve just released SPB Wallet for Android.  For those of you unfamiliar with SPB, they have been around for many years, providing many killer apps for Windows Mobile devices as well as other platforms.  It’s good to see those great […]

Video Demo: Phone Weaver for Android

Published on March 7, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet When people get an Android phone and ask me what kind of apps I would recommend, Phone Weaver is in my short list for must-have apps on the device.  How many times do you hear phones blaring out obnoxious ring tones or notification sounds at inopportune times?  Don’t be one of those fools!  Control […]

Demo: Google Goggles solving a Sudoku puzzle

Published on January 18, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet The Google Goggles app can do a lot of things, and amongst them is now the ability to solve a Sudoku puzzle! Even if you aren’t into Sudoku, it’s still very cool to see Goggles solve the puzzle! Scan this QR code to get Google Goggles for Android.  It’s free. Tweet  

AppsFire – social app sharing for iOS and Android

Published on January 11, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet When I first landed upon the AppsFire site, I immediately thought of AppBrain, which has been offering a similar service for a while now, but AppsFire takes it to another level, for iOS devices as well as Android. AppsFire allows you to discover apps, find deals on apps and create a mix of the […]

Metro Louisville gets its own app with Louisville Mobile!

Published on October 28, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet There is a very cool app for the City of Louisville now available on Android phones and iPhones!  Here is a snippet from the Metro Louisville website: Louisville Mobile is the mobile application portal for the City of Louisville, Kentucky. Version 1.0 marks the beginning of putting useful data in the hands of citizens […]