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Hardware we’ll be demoing at the MyMobileVille meetup

Published on June 28, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Along with the discussions we’ll be having around Cloud Photo Storage, Shopping Lists and Cloud Music, we will also be demoing several pieces of hardware! Sprint HTC EVO 3D (Android Phone) Verizon HTC Trophy (Windows Phone) AT&T HTC Freestyle (Android Phone) And who knows what someone else might bring! See you at the meetup! […]

Extra HTC widgets available for Android

Published on October 12, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet   In case you weren’t aware, HTC has added some widgets to the collection on HTC Android devices. Unless you already went into the widget settings to make updates automatic, you’ll need to do it manually. Just tap on “Get more HTC widgets” and choose Update from the menu. Viola!  They’ve added a Battery […]

TIP: Android owners using HTC Sense – Save Your Customized Scene!

Published on June 11, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet If you have an Android device (such as the EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, Hero, Eris, etc) that uses HTC Sense, you likely are aware of the Scenes feature (found on the Home screen, by pressing Menu, then Scenes).   For those unfamiliar with it, there are Scenes such as Social, Work, Play, Travel, etc.  Each Scene contains a […]

Froyo (next version of Android) announced. Many devices to upgrade in 2010!

Published on May 20, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Froyo (the next version of Android – 2.2) was unveiled at Google’s I/O developer conference today, and while there is no official word of when it will be released, HTC (manufacturer of numerous Android phones) gave a hint that many of the latest & greatest of their phones will get Froyo some time this […]

Microsoft agreement with HTC sends a message to Apple

Published on April 29, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Microsoft announced a licensing agreement with HTC this week. While the overt message is that Microsoft is going after Android, it seems like Microsoft may be coming to the defense of HTC and firing a warning shot across Apple’s bow. Read the entire story here. Source: PC World Tweet