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Notes from August 28, 2012 MyMobileVille meetup

Published on August 30, 2012 By Matt Coddington


Notes from 07-24-12 MyMobileVille Meetup

Published on August 6, 2012 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Click here for the MyMobileVille meetup notes, from our July 24, 2012 Meetup.  They are housed in Google Drive. Join us next month via Google+ Hangout if you want to participate! Or, if you want to just spectate, you can watch the Hangout On Air, live on Google+!  Or, you can watch the live […]

Notes from 03-27-12 MyMobileVille meetup

Published on March 29, 2012 By Matt Coddington

Tweet   Click here for the MyMobileVille meetup notes, from our March 27, 2012 Meetup, housed in Google Docs. And if you missed the monthly meetup, remember, you can join us via Google+ Hangout!  Add MyMobileVille to your circles!   Tweet  

Notes from 11-22-11 MyMobileVille Meetup

Published on December 1, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Trying something new! I have been collaborating with several folks on the meetup agenda for each month, using Google Docs. The “share” feature of the document is very handy, as participants are able to add & edit the document, without a single file being passed in email or some other method. If you haven’t […]

TrackThis – a very handy service for tracking packages

Published on August 30, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet When I first tell people about TrackThis, they usually respond “I just use UPS’s site, or FedEx’s site, etc”. But TrackThis is different. It serves as a source for tracking packages from all the major carriers, and you can choose to receive instant updates via Email, SMS, Twitter and more. Check out my brief […]

Evernote for iPhone and iPod Touch receives complete redesign

Published on March 1, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Evernote has completely overhauled the app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and I must say, it’s impressive!  I recently was comparing Evernote on the iPhone 4 against Evernote on my HTC EVO, and I found the iPhone version seriously lacking.  Not anymore. There’s a new Home Screen with Snippet View, which maximizes the […]

Already a VZW customer? Pre-order an iPhone 4 a week early!

Published on February 2, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Pre-registered Customers Can Order iPhone 4 One Week Before General Availability Verizon Wireless and Apple today announced an exclusive opportunity for Verizon Wireless’ 94 million customers to pre-order an iPhone 4 online beginning at 3 a.m. EST on Feb. 3. In an unprecedented move, Verizon Wireless has set aside a limited quantity of iPhone […]

Louisville-based BuzzApp Software released ICreditCard in App Store

Published on January 27, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet PRESS RELEASE January 2011 Louisville, KY BuzzApp Software announced the release of iCreditCard to the Apple App Store. This product allows merchants to run secure credit card or PayPal transactions on their iPhone or iTouch device. It is currently on sale in the App Store for $2.99. Gateway processing by Authorize.NET. BuzzApp Software has […]

Metro Louisville gets its own app with Louisville Mobile!

Published on October 28, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet There is a very cool app for the City of Louisville now available on Android phones and iPhones!  Here is a snippet from the Metro Louisville website: Louisville Mobile is the mobile application portal for the City of Louisville, Kentucky. Version 1.0 marks the beginning of putting useful data in the hands of citizens […]

8 things Apple didn’t announce about the iPhone4

Published on June 7, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet There are many cool aspects of the iPhone 4 which were discussed today, but to some iPhone fans, there was also a little disappointment. Here is a post over at Read Write Web which discusses 8 things the writer wished Steve would have announced while onstage. No device will ever be perfect.  I am […]