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Notes from August 28, 2012 MyMobileVille meetup

Published on August 30, 2012 By Matt Coddington


Notes from 07-24-12 MyMobileVille Meetup

Published on August 6, 2012 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Click here for the MyMobileVille meetup notes, from our July 24, 2012 Meetup.  They are housed in Google Drive. Join us next month via Google+ Hangout if you want to participate! Or, if you want to just spectate, you can watch the Hangout On Air, live on Google+!  Or, you can watch the live […]

Notes from 03-27-12 MyMobileVille meetup

Published on March 29, 2012 By Matt Coddington

Tweet   Click here for the MyMobileVille meetup notes, from our March 27, 2012 Meetup, housed in Google Docs. And if you missed the monthly meetup, remember, you can join us via Google+ Hangout!  Add MyMobileVille to your circles!   Tweet  

Notes from 11-22-11 MyMobileVille Meetup

Published on December 1, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Trying something new! I have been collaborating with several folks on the meetup agenda for each month, using Google Docs. The “share” feature of the document is very handy, as participants are able to add & edit the document, without a single file being passed in email or some other method. If you haven’t […]

Hardware we’ll be demoing at the MyMobileVille meetup

Published on June 28, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Along with the discussions we’ll be having around Cloud Photo Storage, Shopping Lists and Cloud Music, we will also be demoing several pieces of hardware! Sprint HTC EVO 3D (Android Phone) Verizon HTC Trophy (Windows Phone) AT&T HTC Freestyle (Android Phone) And who knows what someone else might bring! See you at the meetup! […]

Reminder: MyMobileVille meetup tonight!

Published on May 24, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet A reminder that our monthly meetup is tonight at 6:30pm.  We have TONS of stuff in store! Droid Charge – we’ll have the new Verizon Droid Charge at the meetup!  This is a great chance to check out a new piece of hardware without a security cable attached, or a salesperson hovering over you!  […]

MyMobileVille meetup reminder: May 24th!

Published on May 17, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet A reminder that our next meetup is May 24th at 6:30pm.  We’ve got lots in store – the latest news, software & hardware demos and giveaways!  We always leave time for user questions, so come on out and learn more than you ever thought possible about your device!  I do, every month!  🙂 We […]

MyMobileVille meetup – Tues March 22nd!

Published on March 21, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet It’s meetup time! We gather at Peak 10 Data Center here in Louisville. We have special guest Mathias Kolehmainen from ParkVu, who is going to demo and talk about their Android app – Music WithMe! We’ll also have an HTC Thunderbolt in the house, and who knows what other hardware?! Of course, we’ll cover the […]

Notes from 01-25-11 MyMobileVille Meetup

Published on January 26, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Here are some highlights of what we discussed at the meetup: Google Weather in Mobile Browser (link) Upcoming Tablets & devices (iPhone on VZW, Motorola Atrix, Motorola Xoom, Toshiba 10″ tablet, Viewsonic tablets, some dual screen device from Sprint?, HP WebOS tablet on 2/9?) My take on productivity with a tablet (conclusion: I can […]

My Mobile Ville meetup – Tues January 25th!

Published on January 24, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet It’s time once again for our monthly meetup at Peak 10 Data Center here in Louisville! We have lots to cover, from the latest apps, to upcoming devices, and of course, always leaving room for user questions! If you can’t physically make it to the meeting, you can attend virtually!  No special software is […]