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Published on June 5, 2012 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Here is a quick look at the new EVO – at least that’s what I’m calling it! The full name is simply too long, and unnecessary, IMHO. I basically do a quick compare to my Galaxy Nexus. Great piece of hardware, can’t say the same for the network…! Tweet  

RootMetrics RootScore Report for Louisville – Verizon is overall winner

Published on November 7, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Verizon came out on top in this report released today for the Louisville area.  Not surprised at all!  Also not the least bit surprised Sprint came in dead last…! RootMetrics™ RootScore™ Report:  Louisville – November 2011 Which carrier led in Louisville? See what our independent testing revealed RootMetrics is transforming the evaluation of mobile products […]

Sprint “Drive First” App helps parents combat distracted driving

Published on September 12, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Press Release: Sprint is helping ease the minds of parents by launching Sprint Drive First, a new application that automatically locks a mobile phone when a car is moving more than 10 mph, disabling phone functionality, directing incoming calls to voice mail, and silencing distracting alerts for emails and text messages. How to Get […]

Hardware we’ll be demoing at the MyMobileVille meetup

Published on June 28, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Along with the discussions we’ll be having around Cloud Photo Storage, Shopping Lists and Cloud Music, we will also be demoing several pieces of hardware! Sprint HTC EVO 3D (Android Phone) Verizon HTC Trophy (Windows Phone) AT&T HTC Freestyle (Android Phone) And who knows what someone else might bring! See you at the meetup! […]

Sprint 4G beginning to show up in Louisville!

Published on March 30, 2011 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Last week, reports began trickling in, telling of sporadic 4G connections in downtown areas of Louisville.  Rumor had it Sprint was trying to get 4G completed in time for this year’s Derby celebration, and it appears they’re on track for just that! Today, I turned on the 4G radio on my HTC EVO, and much […]

Neither Sprint nor Verizon to carry Windows Phone 7 in 2010

Published on September 17, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Neither Sprint nor Verizon will have any Windows Phone 7 devices in 2010, and there’s still no solid ETA of when they’ll have them in 2011: According to an interview with CNet with senior product manager Greg Sullivan: We had to make some trade-offs,…Even Microsoft doesn’t have unlimited resources. We had to prioritize doing fewer […]

Spoiled with 4G on a trip

Published on September 5, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Went to Rochester, NY and had my first taste of 4G usage. Made me not want to return to Louisville until Sprint turns it on here!!  🙂 Seriously, the speed was blazing and (go ahead and laugh, GSM customers), it was awesome being able to use voice & data at the same time. I […]

200,000-plus EVO’s in first weekend?!

Published on June 8, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet Sprint may well have sold over 200,000 EVO 4Gs in its first weekend, making it one of the most successful non-Apple phone launches in the US. For comparison, Motorola’s Droid, one of the more popular Android phones to date, is estimated to have hit 525,000 units in three months, which does add some perspective […]

Sprint EVO 4G – coming June 6? Perhaps!

Published on May 7, 2010 By Matt Coddington

Tweet If the leak is true, the Sprint EVO 4G might be available June 6. According to a source at Radio Shack, the launch is going to come early next month. The EVO 4G has attracted a lot of attention, and includes a large, high-resolution 4.3″  touchscreen, a 1GHz processor, 4G data capability and the […]